Finally learn how to do what everyone tells you to do: Love Yourself!

A crash course on self-love written by someone who used to hate themselves.

Hi, I’m Lyndsey and I used to hate myself. Hate is such a strong word, and it hurts me to even think that I once felt so negatively about myself, but it’s true. Even hearing the sound of my own name would make me cringe. I automatically assumed everyone hated me. I put others before myself and I was just miserable.

Then, I unknowingly set out on a journey to find love. Self-love. It started with discomfort due to depression and while I thought I was working on my depression I quickly realized that my lack of self-love was the cause of my depression!

I did some deep thinking & reflection, therapy, and read A LOT of books. And I found love. As Whitney would say, I found the greatest love! Now, I want to share what I found with you so you can have it too!

In this guide I will go into what self-love is (and what it isn’t) and the reasons why you may not love yourself – and how we can change that! Techniques focusing on inner-child work, CBT and emotional intelligence will be utilized. But don’t worry, it wont be intimidating!

Some topics we will discuss are:

  • Creating boundaries
  • Acceptance
  • Forgiving Ourselves
  • Listening to Ourselves
  • Self-Compassion
  • Building Connections
  • Finding the Love of your life: you!

This guide book is great for anyone who:

  • Wants to find and have self-love
  • Who wants to have more confidence
  • Is feeling down and hard on themselves
  • Feels stuck and confused
  • Is having trouble creating boundaries
  • Is having trouble connecting or finding solid relationships
  • Is dope af but lost their mojo

More about Lyndsey:

I am in introspective, introverted, learned-extrovert, empath with c-ptsd, depression and anxiety. I love being silly, learning, and cuddling cats and puppies! People tell me I seem so happy and content and carefree. They would be SHOCKED to know I have c-ptsd, depression and anxiety. Even if you don’t have c-ptsd or depression or anxiety you still need to love yourself and in this guide you are going to learn how!

My teaching style is very light hearted. I like to take serious topics and make them fun and easy to learn, but they are still serious topics nonetheless, and I take them seriously. I want you to love yourself cause I’m really selfih and if you love yourself then the world i live in will most likely be a beyyer place. Oh yeah, and because I love happy and successful people and I want to see that too! Oh, and when people tell me I help them it makes me cry tears of joy which feels amazing! And, oh yeah, 1 last thing, I know what it’s like to feel like absolute shit and I am want to give others the help I needed because no one should feel that way!

After I found love for myself my entire world changed! The entire world changed! I spelt better, my anxiety and depression wasn’t as intense. I stopped focusing on others and waiting for my life to begin. I started living my life and other’s noticed. I would hear comments like, “you seem different but in a good way,” and “something’s changed about you.”

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